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What is the Best Language to Learn?

Being a bilingual or a multilingual person is an edge, which is why it is advised to never be content with just your own mother tongue. Exploring the world and getting to know other culture becomes more fulfilling if you can communicate in more than just a single way. Also it gives you an advantage career wise, especially if you are dealing with clients who live from different countries or are thinking about spreading your business globally. If you have to choose one, what is the best language to learn?

Because the Chinese dominates the globe in terms of population, Mandarin is the world’s most spoken language. Spanish comes in second place. Surprisingly, English is only the world’s third most used languages. For an English speaker, it would be wise to invest some time learning either Spanish or Mandarin. If you’re good, you can even learn both. When asking what is the best language to learn, the number of speakers is a good factor to consider.

Career wise, what is the best language to learn? It depends. If your company is German for example, it would be beneficial to get a lesson in German language. If it is an Asian company, Japanese and Mandarin are your best bets. For travelers, French and Spanish are great choices. Actually, the answer to this question will be dependent on your purpose. If you are just interested to learn another language without a particular option in mind, choose one that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. If you love food, learning a bit of French and Italian won’t hurt. If you love Latin American literature, then amp up your Spanish. It is also a wise idea to choose a language that is related to your mother tongue. If you are from the Philippines, Indonesian and Malay are two languages you can pick up pretty fast.

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